eb152 item 5 UHC

WHO EB152 - FDI-IADR statement on Item 5

FDI World Dental Federation (FDI), representing over one million dentists, and the International Association for Dental Research, representing over 10,000 researchers worldwide thank the Chair for the opportunity to present this statement. Achieving the highest attainable standard of oral health is a fundamental human right. As WHO’s recent Oral Health Status report highlighted, oral diseases are the most prevalent conditions affecting humanity. Therefore, universal health coverage cannot be universal without oral health. Equitable access to affordable, quality oral healthcare at the primary healthcare level is a must to avoid the current catastrophic health expenditures. WHO’s new Global Oral Health Action Plan, which aligns with FDI`s Vision 2030 and IADR’s Mission, aims for 80% of the global population to be covered by essential oral healthcare services. To achieve this, governments must integrate oral health and oral health research into national NCD and UHC agendas and address all three dimensions of UHC: service coverage, population coverage and financial protection. National Dental Associations can support in these efforts.