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Yes! One dentist can make a difference! Emergency Management of Dental Trauma In A Child


United Arab Emirates, Middle East


Iyad Hussein

Iyad is a Consultant, postgraduate teacher  and an Associate Professor  in Paediatric Dentistry, at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU), Dubai Dental Hospital and AlJalilla Speciality Children’s Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 2014. He is British and is on the UK’s “Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry” list since 2001. Iyad has 34 years of experience in his discipline and worked for the UK’s NHS dental service for over 24 years (hospital paediatric dentistry, adult oral and maxillofacial surgery service in Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Dewsbury, Huddersfield and Airedale in England and undergraduate/ postgraduate dental teaching at Dundee Dental Hospital and School in Scotland). Iyad has 48+ scientific publications.


Dental Society - Emirates Medical Association

Abstract :

Dental Traumatic Injuries (TDIs) present to dentists ad hoc and dentists must act immediately upon TDI presentation to manage the initial emergency treatment in order optimise the outcome. This relies on updated knowledge of the TDI guidelines. Dental Traumatic Injuries (TDIs) are phenomena effecting around 1/3rd of children worldwide. Teachers, nurses, general dentists, specialist dentists and doctors encounter such injuries infrequently. There are established dental trauma guidelines that attempt to unify and streamline diagnosis and management. Nevertheless, outcomes can be poor as knowledge of the guidelines of traumatic dental injuries has been found to be inadequate. Dentist must act immediately upon TDI presentation to optimise the outcome for the sake the child’s oral and general wellbeing. This presentation aims to provide an updated synopsis for emergency TDI management.


Learning Objectives :

  • Explaining the relevance of TDI management to general dentists
  • Highlighting the epidemiology and classification of TDIs
  • Reviewing the latest IADT 2020 clinical guidelines in dental trauma
  • Explanation of the immediate management of TDIs with clinical examples
  • Touching upon the intermediate and long-term management of TDIs : The role of the “trauma stamp”. Outlining suggestions to improve TDIs outcomes in the UAE