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Training team : Glued Ceramic Veneers - Preparations and bonding procedures

Congrès: ANCDS 6/ RODAK10 Nouvelle prespectives en santé bucco-dentaire


Dakar, Senegal, Africa



Abstract : 

The democratization and growing popularity of aesthetic treatments is a daily clinical reality.
Ceramic buccal veneers are in many cases the indication of choice for aesthetic restorations of anterior teeth. These restorative techniques are in line with current principles of minimally invasive dentistry.
The long-term success of these restorations depends not only on a judicious choice of indication, diagnostic approach and tooth preparation, but also on strict adherence to bonding procedures.
The aim of this workshop is to provide the practitioner with a rational clinical procedure for creating optimal ceramic veneers.

Learning objectives : 

  • Give to the practitioner the clinical steps to follow the pratical step a rationzl clinical
  • Procedure allowing him to produce ceramic veneers
  • Making impressions for self-molding
  • Make the preparations 
  • Make the impressions of the preparations