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Total Immersion in the preservation of the alveolar ridge in future implant sites

The sixth international congress of STMDLP 2024


Hammamet, Tunisia, Africa


Ronald Younes

DCD, PH.D                                                                                                                                                                                            
Associate Professor and co-Director Of postgraduate Studies, Department of Oral Surgery    
Delegate for international relations, Faculty of dental medicine, Saint Joseph University of Beirut                                  
Fellow of ITI and ICD          


Syndicat Tunisien des Médecins Dentistes de Libre Pratique

Abstract : 

The last decade ha seen the development of techniques for preserving extraction cells ; in full development, they are mainly indicated to reduce the loss of crestal volume following the first - months post extraction, Agarwa et al. (2012)report a loss of 40 % in height and 60% in crest width the first 6 months post-extraction, much more pronounced buccally than lingually ( Araujo et al.2005). This ridge preservation is extremely important in cases of post-extraction supra-implant rehabilitation or in pontic area under a bridge. This preservation ensures a peri-implant residual bone volume of biomechanical importance and promotes the maintenance of the overlying soft tissues, especially in the aesthetic zone. For this, good management of post extraction residual tissues makes it possible to optimize the results and ensure the sustainability of supra-implant reconstructions as well as the pontic areas.

Learning objectives: 

  • To understand the post-extraction resorption process
  • To learn how to reduce the upcoming resorption
  • To perform an Alveolar Ridge Preservation (ARP) using different techniques
  • To understand to behaviour of the different bone substitutes used for ARP