Special issue on peri-implant diseases now available in the International Dental Journal

A special issue in the International Dental Journal (IDJ) is available now: FDI Peri‐implant Diseases Project: Consensus reports from the FDI workshop on prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The four summary papers in this supplement provide a state‐of‐the‐clinical science review on implant‐related complications, an emerging issue in clinical dentistry.

This IDJ supplement addresses the range of considerations when treating patients who have developed implant‐related complications. The topics include diagnosis of peri‐implant mucositis and peri‐implantitis, local and systemic risk factors, and the management of these conditions, including non‐surgical and surgical approaches. Note that these four summary papers have been distilled from a series of review papers that were previously published in Implant Dentistry.

About the FDI Peri-Implant Diseases Project

FDI launched the Peri-Implant Diseases Project (PIDP) in 2017 to increase global awareness about peri-implant diseases, raise periodontal health as a priority at the national level, and integrate oral health and periodontal health into general health policies. PIDP designs resources for oral health professionals to support the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of peri-implant diseases.

Just like natural teeth, dental implants are also susceptible to disease if not properly cared for. Peri-implant diseases, like periodontal diseases, have serious consequences for those affected, including problems with chewing and speaking, leading to negative impacts on well-being and quality of life. It is important to increase the visibility of peri-implant diseases as a key public health challenge.

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The Peri-implant Diseases Project increases global awareness about periodontal health by producing both review and consensus articles on topics related to peri-implant diseases.

Peri-implant Diseases Project

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