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Select-choose-prepare and bond and debond indirect veneer restorations (Part II)


Cairo, Egypt, Middle East


Assist. Prof. Paul Nahas
  • Assist. Prof. Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry Department
  • Director of the LASER unit
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine - Lebanese University
  • Former Head and chief of services of the Restorative and Esthetic Department, Faculty of Dental Medicine-LU
  • Member of the Lebanese Dental Association – Tripoli council.


Egyptian Dental Association

Learning objectives:

  • Learn to select veneers cases
  • Understand factors that affect smile design
  • Learn different aspects of tooth preparation for indirect veneers
  • Get an overview of the impression technics
  • Learn the concept of indirect bonding especially for ceramic veneers
  • Learn how to debond indirect veneers