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Saving teeth from extraction: The contemporary approach in management of periodontal defects

Malaysia-International Dental Exhibition and Conference, MIDEC 2023


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Asia Pacific


Dr Dominic King Lun HO

- Private practising specialist in periodontology

- ITI Study Club Director

- Clinical Lecturer in Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong

- Clinical trials on minimal invasive periodontal surgical technique and immediate implant placement


Malaysian Dental Association


Angular periodontal bony defects have always posed a significant challenge in the management of periodontal disease. Resective periodontal surgery has been a promising treatment modality for reducing periodontal pocket depth at sites with angular bone defects, however, it may also come with unwanted drawbacks, such as increased recession and attachment loss at adjacent non-diseased sites.

In this presentation, the speaker will share his experience in managing periodontal bony defects by contemporary periodontal regeneration approach. He will demonstrate how these approach can help rescuing teeth with hopeless prognosis which may require extraction. Overall, the presentation will highlight the importance of adopting advanced periodontal regeneration techniques to improve the management of periodontal bony defects and ultimately enhance the long-term prognosis of severely periodontally compromised teeth.

Learning objectives:

  • To learn the current development of periodontal regeneration and minimal invasive surgical technique
  • To understand the treatment potential of periodontal regeneration on severely periodontally compromised teeth