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Restoring the Smile through a Multi-disciplinary Smile Makeover: How You Can Do It Too

90th Year International Dental Conference Sri Lanka Dental Association – 2023


Colombo, Sri Lanka, Asia Pacific


Dr Leong Seng Neoh
  • BDS (University of Malaya)
  • Owns a general dental practice since 1994.
  • Constantly pursues continue dental education on special interest in aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics and implant dentistry.
  • The first DSD certified practitioner in Malaysia and the first few in the region.
  • Founder and admin of the most popular FaceBook group for dental professionals in the region, MAD (Malaysian Aesthetic Dentists) which has grown to over 7800 members.


Sri Lanka Dental Association


Quite often untreated malocclusion, the early loss of permanent dentition without replacement or both lead to unpleasant smile and despaired function. Rehabilitation can be tricky if the patients’ desired outcomes are to be achieved through minimally invasive procedures. This lecture will illustrate how smiles can be restored for patients in a general practice utilizing multi-disciplinary approaches with emphasis on treatment planning, anticipations of potential challenges and overcoming the unexpected and following a systematic protocol for the general dental practitioner.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of multi-disciplinary approach to smile restoration
  • Identify key considerations and challenges in the treatment planning phase of a smile makeover including assessing malocclusion and evaluating the impact of early loss of permanent dentition
  • Implement a systematic protocol for smile restoration that can be followed by general dental practitioners through minimally invasive procedures