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Precision in Practice: Empowering Clinicians in the Early Detection of Oral Malignant and Potentially Malignant Disease

Hong Kong International Dental Expo And Symposium 2024 (HKIDEAS 2024)


Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China, Asia Pacific


Prof. Suan Phaik Khoo
  • Professor Oral Pathology (OP) & Oral Medicine (OM) at International Medical University (IMU)
  • MSc (OP) from University of London
  • Fellowship (in OM) of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) of Ireland
  • Fellowship of the RCS and Physicians of Glasgow and also RCS Edinburgh
  • PhD from the National University of Singapore
  • University Dean for Community Engagement
  • Research interests in orofacial pain and oral inflammatory conditions


Hong Kong Dental Association

Abstract :

The detection and diagnosis of oral malignant lesions (OML) and oral potentially malignant disease (OPMD) remain one of the most difficult challenges faced by clinicians on a daily basis as it relies solely on the clinician’s ability to distinguish these lesions from benign conditions. Early identification and diagnosis can assist clinicians in providing better patient care and effective treatment and thus preventing dreadful consequences. The lecture is aimed at providing meaningful insights to clinicians with a review of the efficacy and precision of clinical identification of OML and OPML as well as the use of adjunctive tools including the use of more recent advances such as artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning).

Learning objectives :

  • Understand the key characteristics and clinical presentations of OML and OPMD to distinguish it from benign lesions and conditions. .
  • Evaluate and compare the efficacy and limitations of methods employed by clinicians in the identification of OML and OMPD
  • Exploring the role of artificial intelligence in the identification of oral lesions and their potential impact on clinical practice