Nominations to one vacant seat on the Public Health Committee


Public Health Committee monitor and advise Council on issues concerning the improvement of oral and general health in disadvantaged populations and on issues surrounding wider health promotion.  

All Regular Members are entitled to submit nominations for candidates to Standing Committees. Each nomination must be supported by the nominee’s Regular Member Association.

To be considered, nominations must be submitted in English by e-mail to Ms Djerdana Ivosevic with Ms Maria Kramarenko in copy.

All nominations need to include the following documents:

  1. Public Health Committee Nomination Form 2023
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)/personal record.
  3. Written presentation/letter of motivation (not exceeding 350 words).

All nominations that meet the criteria will be made available to Council and the vacancy will be filled by Council election by the end of this year. The term of successful candidate is a 3-year term.

Deadline for submission of nominations is: Sunday, 10 December 2023.

Eligible candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Council with a 3-minute PowerPoint presentation. Date and time of the virtual meeting with the Council will be announced separately.



Documents should be submitted in English. However, in addition to the documents in English, Associations are allowed to provide translated versions in one of the other FDI languages (French, German and Spanish). No editing or translation will be done by the FDI.

Please remember that you should develop your personal presentation independently without the involvement of third parties and your presentation must be based on the position you are applying for.  Your presentation must not be influenced by commercially organized activities (e.g. ‘satellite symposia’). The use of logos, symbols, colors, etc. that refer explicitly, or implicitly, to a third party are not allowed.