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New Vision 2030: Advocacy in Action report highlights industry's crucial role and value in oral health

Discover the new Vision 2030 advocacy in action report, and explore how we can leverage industry actors' expertise and resources to improve oral health and reduce the burden of disease globally.

vision 2030

In a world where oral diseases affect nearly half of the global population, achieving universal coverage for oral health by 2030 is an urgent imperative. WHO’s Global Strategy on Oral Health and supporting action plan 2023–2030, which align with FDI’s own Vision 2030, have set forth ambitious targets. However, the path to universal oral health requires concerted efforts from both the public and private sectors. And while recent policy initiatives recognize the importance of private sector involvement, a comprehensive understanding of their role has been lacking.

A new Vision 2030: Advocacy in Action report entitled “The role and value of industry” aims to fill at least part of that gap by addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with working with industry actors involved in the manufacture of oral health goods and services.

Discover the Vision 2030: Advocacy in Action report on the role of industry in advancing oral healthcare

At its core, the report emphasizes the power of multistakeholder collaborations. By engaging with the private sector, we can increase access to quality oral health services, prioritize underserved populations, promote prevention, address professional shortages, and enhance policymakers' understanding of oral health. Moreover, the report provides evidence-based strategies and showcases industry leadership examples. It not only highlights the value of industry engagement but also addresses obstacles and delivers recommendations to maximize its impact.

As dentistry evolves towards 2030, effective advocacy will be instrumental in realizing the vision of improved oral health outcomes for all. It underscores the collective responsibility of stakeholders to advocate for policies and practices that prioritize oral health as an integral component of overall well-being.

This publication serves as a starting point to guide both private and public sector actors toward the goal of achieving equitable access to quality oral healthcare for all through collaborative efforts. Clearly defined and transparent engagement frameworks are crucial for fostering such collaborations, ensuring that the focus remains on harnessing the potential of industry actors to accelerate the delivery of oral healthcare and contribute to a healthier future for all.

The role and value of industry
Vision 2030
Advocacy in Action - The role and value of industry
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