International Dental Journal

The new International Dental Journal Supplement explores the role of mouthwashes in oral care


Establishing a routine of daily oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing, is imperative for disease prevention and the maintenance of optimal oral health. In addition to these fundamental practices, certain individuals incorporate antimicrobial oral rinses or mouthwashes into their daily regimens to safeguard against oral diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi that exist on oral hard and soft tissues.

In this topic-specific International Dental Journal (IDJ) Supplement, FDI has curated six peer-reviewed articles aimed at providing the most current data on the role of mouthwashes. Delve into the Supplement as the authors discuss the microbial level functionality of mouthwashes, as well as their in vivo evidence in the context of:

  1. their effectiveness, in the context of oral disease
  2. the oral microbiome: the good, the bad, and the balanced
  3. their effects on systemic health
  4. alternatives and future directions

Dentists and dental teams are invited to peruse the articles and learn about the suggestions and recommendations for appropriate adjunctive mouthwash use for oral diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, caries, halitosis, and dry socket, based on their mechanisms of action and clinical effectiveness using the best available evidence. Read the articles now:

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Save the date for a webinar on this Supplement’s findings

A webinar explaining the findings within this Supplement will take place online on the FDI Oral Health Campus in January 2024. Make sure to join the webinar to get the chance meet the panel of experts and ask them questions related to the role of mouthwash in oral care.

The overall learning objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Answer common myths about the role of mouthwashes
  • Understand the positive and/or negative effects of mouthwash use
  • Learn about the role of mouthwashes and the affectation of the oral microbiome
  • Understand potential systemic links with mouthwash use
  • Discuss new developments and future directions in the world of mouthwashes


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