Listen to the latest Dental Check-up episode to learn about the 2024 Young Dentists Forum

In this episode, join Dr Miguel Stanley and Ms Sanika Shorey as they share insights on the Young Dentists Forum taking place during the World Dental Congress in Istanbul this September.


In the latest episode of the Dental Check-up podcast, join host Kelly Hoey as she engages in conversation with visionary dentist Dr Miguel Stanley and bright dental student Ms Sanika Shorey. Together, they dive deeper into the second edition of the Young Dentists Forum (YDF) at the FDI World Dental Congress 2024 (WDC24).

Discover what to expect at the Young Dentists Forum in Istanbul

Building on the resounding success of last year, YDF 2024 presents a lineup featuring renowned speaker, Dr Miguel Stanley, alongside two emerging voices in dentistry. Attendees can expect engaging fireside conversations and a captivating networking cocktail event, providing unique opportunities for growth and connection.

In this episode, Dr Stanley and Ms Shorey highlight the diverse opportunities for young dentists to leverage this incredible platform. In addition, Dr Stanley sheds light on his own professional experience and provides further details about his presentation during YDF.

YDF will unfold on 13–14 September, with the first day of the programme dedicated to presentations from two emerging voices in the field, Dr David Palombo and Dr Jan Stibal. Their insights on “Hard and soft tissues deficiencies around dental implants: How to treat and when to start over” and “Interdisciplinary therapy in adolescents and young adults with developmental dental disorders” promise to captivate and enlighten the audience. Their presentations will be followed by a networking cocktail at the meeting venue.

On 14 September, the spotlight turns to Dr Miguel Stanley, who will share his profound insights on leadership in dentistry. Prepare to be inspired and equipped with the knowledge and network needed to propel your career in dentistry to new heights.


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