Learn how Artificial Intelligence can benefit oral healthcare, education, and research

FDI’s latest White Paper explores the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) for oral healthcare, education, and research. Discover its impact on FDI's Vision 2030.

Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly globally, and it is revolutionizing how healthcare, including dentistry, is approached. Integration of such technologies in different areas of work is becoming increasingly popular for delivery of faster and improved care. Read the latest FDI White Paper on AI for dentistry to discover the benefits and risks of AI for oral healthcare.

AI for oral healthcare: benefits, risks, and challenges
Developed and written by the FDI AI Working Group, the White Paper outlines four distinctive objectives including: defining AI and laying out the technology behind it for the professional community; systematizing and comprehensively displaying cases where AI can benefit oral healthcare systems/delivery, education, and research; identifying areas where AI can facilitate FDI’s Vision 2030; and highlighting potential risks of AI and the need for the community to engage and enforce standards, regulations, and best practices of AI.

The paper also describes the application of AI in four domains of dentistry including in individual patient care; in community and public health; for workforce planning and monitoring; and for education and research. There is no doubt that using AI can benefit oral health professionals in many areas such as for image analysis, data synthesis, and predictive dentistry. However, it also possesses potential risks and limitations such as bias and limited generalizability of applications. The paper also highlights the need for governance and agreed principles to ensure that AI works to people's benefits and calls for data protection concerns to be balanced against the potential benefits of AI for patients and society.

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AI White Paper
Artificial Intelligence for Dentistry - White Paper