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Laminate Veneers , Solutions for Compromised Smiles II


Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic, Middle East


Dr. Hakam Mousa

Dr. Hakam Mousa earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Jordan in 1995. In 1996 he passed the American National Dental Board exam. He earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Operative Dentistry in 1998 and his Masters of Science in Dentistry from Indiana University School of Dentistry (USA) in 1999. He earned the Fellowship status of the Academy of General Dentistry (F.A.G.D.)in 2006 and passed the written exam of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 2011 toward the accreditation status of AACD. Dr. Mousa is an examiner for the Jordanian speciality board in Conservative Dentistry. Dr. Mousa worked as adjunct assistant professor at the University of Detroit Mercy and in private practice in the State of Michigan. Now he has full time multi-specialty private practice in Amman, and is a part time clinic supervisor at the University of Jordan Dental School. Dr. Mousa is an international lecturer who lectured in the United States, Middle East, Europe and far East.


Syrian Dental Association

Abstract : 

In todays dental world, thinking outside the box is recommended to find simple, practical, and conservative solutions to many dental situations for our patients. Patients sitting in our dental chairs have different expectations and goals. all related to their psychological, financial, and time limitations. We as dentists were trained to achieve treatment results for our patients focusing on preparing teeth, sometimes in a conservative style, but many times with aggressively cutting teeth …
For laminate veneers, the question comes up…should we prepare teeth or not. The no prep philosophy includes full veneers with or without preparation, but is this always the scenario?
Partial or Additive veneers could be an option.
Learning objectives : 

  • How to maintain the health of your patient’s veneers and the surrounding soft tissue using the Guided Biofilm Therapy ( GBT ) concept and philosophy.
  • Teamwork is the key for ultimate conservative and predictable results.
  • Making preparation decision with TRUE SMILE DESIGN concept.