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International Dental Journal launches its new subsection on Artificial Intelligence

The April issue of the International Dental Journal brings forth a new subsection on Artificial Intelligence, further expanding the scope of the scientific journal.


The International Dental Journal (IDJ), FDI’s official scientific journal, has experienced steady growth under the leadership of its Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake. Most recently and notably, the journal achieved an Impact Factor of 3.3 in 2022, reflecting its success within the dental community.

Since assuming the leadership of the journal in 2022, Prof. Samaranayake has significantly expanded its scope. Firstly, he introduced a subsection dedicated to Science and Technology, followed by the implementation of a novel publication format termed succinct rapid communication. These developments have broadly been appreciated by researchers in the dental community.

In response to the dynamic landscape of global advancements, Prof. Samaranayake has further enriched the journal's offerings by introducing a new subsection focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Dentistry.

In this context IDJ is proud to announce, beginning today, a pioneering effort in the dental publishing industry to devote an earmarked section termed ‘AI and dentistry‘ as a standing feature in each of its issues. Here, we shall provide contemporaneous rapidly moving developments in AI including LLM, LVM and MMs and digital technology and application of these sciences in dentistry.” – Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake

Explore the latest issue of the IDJ, featuring the debut of the subsection dedicated to AI and dentistry.

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