FDI Global Periodontal Health Project_survey
Periodontal (Gum) disease

FDI Global Periodontal Health Project 2017 NDA survey

Results of a global survey with FDI National Dental Associations

Published: November 2017

FDI conducted a survey among its 150 members on periodontal health and found that, from the 61 National Dental Associations (NDAs) who took part, only 40% have a national monitoring and evaluation plan of periodontal disease. The survey was carried out between June and October 2017 and inquired on national health policies, health information systems, periodontal health education and workforce, and preventive or promotional activities carried out by NDAs.

All responses were gathered from the following FDI regions: Africa (18 out of 29), Asia Pacific & Middle East (19 NDAs out of 37 NDAs), Europe (11 out of 63 NDAs), Latin America (9 out of 16 NDAs), and North America (4 out of 5 NDAs).