CE programme

Endodontic glidepath: The road to NiTi preparation safety and efficiency.


United Arab Emirates, Middle East


Dr. Rashid El Abed
  • Assistant Professor and consultant in the department of Endodontics at MBR University in Dubai, UAE.
  • Deputy director of the Postgraduate Master's and residency programs in Endodontics.
  • Author or co-author of a textbook in the field of endodontics and published in leading endodontics journals.
  • Lectured at numerous international congresses.
  • Co-developed the endodontic instruments (G-Files and One G).


Dental Society - Emirates Medical Association

Learning objectives :

  • Describe the common causes of endodontic instrument fracture and how they impact the outcome of treatment.
  • Define glidepath, explain its advantages and importance in producing optimum endodontic mechanics prior to rotary and reciprocating techniques.
  • Discuses manual glide path techniques and their advantages in negotiating root canals to patency using stainless-steel hand files.
  • Discuses mechanical glide path techniques, its advantages, introduce the file systems that are available in the market and their usage protocols.
  • List the benefits of mechanical glide path preparation over the manual technique and offer clinical cases of both procedures for comparison.