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Dental implants and the general health of our patients - What’s unavoidable

Odontotech / 12-15 July 2022


Bogotá, Colombia, Latin America


Dr Hector J. Rodríguez-Casanovas

Periodontist with almost 30 years of experience; got his dental degree in Toulouse - Université Paul Sabatier, his Master of Science from the University of Texas at Houston, and his Ph.D., from the Basque country University.

He has been President of the Dental Board at Las Palmas and Trustee of the Spanish Periodontology Foundation.

Involved with general health and have published a book and many articles about Diabetes and Oral Health. Periodontal Regeneration; mouthwashes have also been some of his research interests. He taught at a Master's level at the Dental School of the University of Sevilla.


Federación Odontológica Colombiana

Learning objectives

  • Improve your diagnosis skills at the office
  • Learn when to refer to a physician / how to work with them
  • Work and prevention around general pathologie

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