Dental associations pledge to deliver sustainable oral healthcare

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To encourage all stakeholders of the dental profession and industry to take action towards more sustainable practices, FDI launched the Pledge for Sustainable Dentistry during the World Oral Health Forum (WOHF) 2022, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland on Saturday 24 September. The WOHF was entirely dedicated to the topic of Sustainability in Dentistry and took place on the sidelines of the World Dental Parliament, which is key decision-making platform for FDI member organizations and leaders.


Sustainability: we can all do more, we can all do better

Experts, dental professionals, and industry partners gathered to discuss and debate the challenges they faced and to share best practices on how the carbon footprint of the profession could be reduced. Whilst there was general consensus that all stakeholders could do more, delegates agreed that acknowledging the problem and taking responsibility was an important step to addressing this vast topic, which would not be resolved overnight.

Climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity are problems that affect everyone. So   starting and continuing the dialogue is important as well as learning from each other. But in parallel actions need to be implemented to ensure high-quality, environmentally sustainable care for all.

FDI member associations showed their commitment by signing the pledge and since the launch 25 organizations have signed.


The impact of the dental profession on the environment

Moderated by Victoria McDonald, a renowned journalist from the UK, the session dove deeper into the barriers, opportunities and drivers in sustainable oral healthcare and emphasized how the dental profession can improve its environmental impact. The session was comprised of moderated panel discussions with stakeholders from the dental profession and the dental industry, and helped stakeholders understand: the challenges to achieving sustainable oral healthcare; actions the profession can take to address sustainability in different settings; importance of collective responsibility and what role each stakeholder can play.


Commit to a sustainable future by signing the pledge

FDI encourages dental organizations all over the world to sign the pledge and show their allegiance for a better future. Through the pledge, the oral health profession, industry and wider community make efforts to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The oral healthcare sector, working in alignment with the UN SDG targets, aims to promote patient-centred care through a circular economy that will achieve effective oral health for all and a healthier planet.

By pledging, oral health professionals commit to a series of actions to increase awareness, promote ‘reduce and recycle’ solutions, promote sustainability as a collective responsibility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and harnessing science, technology and innovation to achieve the UN SDGs.

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Take action to show your commitment and become a Sustainability Champion

Are you wondering how you can concretely take action to reduce the environmental impact of your dental practice? Check out the Toolkit for Sustainable Dentistry, which is an interactive platform that provides dentists and dental teams with the tools and strategies to implement greener practices, as well as track progress. Users can undertake different sets of challenges and subsequently earn bronze, silver, or gold recognition awards. Dental organizations and practices, all around the world, are encouraged to register and make eco-friendly choices as a team to showcase their commitment to our planet.

Toolkit for Sustainable Dentistry