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Creating Celebrity Smiles via Orthodontics

Dr. Rafi Aljobory International Conference in its fifth edition


Baghdad, Iraq, Middle East


Dr Bader Borgan

Dr. Borgan received his dental degree from the University of Jordan in 1994, which was shortly followed by a master of orthodontics from Cairo university and a fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in the the United Kingdom. 

In addition to his orthodontic practice in Jordan, Dr. Borgan founded his Academy in the United Kingdom. The journey of founding this academy started in an unnamed fashion more than 8 years ago when Dr. Borgan started lecturing and teaching about his great passion for excellence in orthodontics, more than 100 events since then and thousands of doctors have attended his courses and workshops. 


Iraqi Dental Association

The event will focus on restorative dentistry, dental implants, endodontics and orthodontics

Session title: Creating Celebrity Smile via Orthodontics

Learning objectives: 

  • Understanding the principles of smile design
  • Learn how to mimic the micro aesthetics of Veneers
  • Learn how to blend micro aesthetics with occlusion
  • Learn how to create positive smile arch