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The controversies of antibiotics in dentistry

The 63rd International Congress of Iranian Dental Association (EXCIDA 2024)


Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Middle East


Prof. Dr Hani A. Salam


Iranian Dental Association

Abstract :

Antibiotics have revolutionized the fields of medicine and dentistry. Although antibiotics have been used for several decades, controversies still exist related to the indications of antibiotic therapy in dentistry. This presentation will provide a critical overview of the controversies associated with the use of antibiotics in dentistry. Guidelines for antibiotic use based on the most recent evidence-based scientific literature will be discussed to improve the decision-making process of dentists to provide the best possible treatment for patients.

Learning objectives :

  • Discuss the appropriate antibiotics in dentistry
  • Explain the role of the dentist in antibiotic resistance
  • Present the guidelines for antibiotic use in dentistry