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  • The lectures flagged with the logo have been organized by a FDI CE Regional Director in collaboration with the local organizer
  • The speakers are recognized FDI international experts
  • The programme of lectures has been reviewed by the FDI Education Committee
CE Guidelines

Guidelines on Quality Education Programmes

CE Programme Directors

Dr Wendpoulomdé Aimé Désiré Kaboré
Burkina Faso
Asia Pacific
Dr Simon Ho Kam Yuen
Hong Kong SAR China
Prof. Hande Şar Sancakli
Latin America
Dr Mauricio Montero
Costa Rica
Middle East
Prof. Dr Hani A. Salam
United Arab Emirates

Are you looking for opportunities to learn about the new trends and skills in dentistry? Are you interested in finding out about the current hot topics in oral healthcare?

Get ready, as FDI is bringing the Digital Learning Days to you in October.

The Digital Learning Days are comprised of 10 scientific sessions that will take place through the FDI Oral Health Campus from 4–31 October. The complimentary sessions will be CE accredited and led by experts from across the globe. The programme has been designed across diverse time zones so that participants have the opportunity to join at least one of the live sessions. But don’t worry, even if you can’t join a session live, once you register, they will be available for you to watch on-demand, and you can gain CE credits at your convenience. 

CE Courses

Development through continuing education is an essential part of the dental profession. It is an important aspect of modern evidence-based dental practice. Furthermore, it is essential that dentists maintain an up-to-date clinical and theoretical knowledge of the art and science of dentistry.

To this end, FDI's Education Committee organizes a number of events to support this requisite every year. These events are categorized by geographical region and compiled into a Global Continuing Education Programme listed below.

Date Type of Event Country Topic/Title Speaker Event
05 - 07 June 2022 In Person Egypt,
All disciplines of dentistry


Organizer(s): Egyptian Dental Association
Egyptian Clinical Dental Society
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03 June 2022 In Person Poland,
Personalized bone reconstruction in orthodontic point of view- indication and limitation Tomasz Gedrange

Polish Dental Society Annual Congress

Organizer(s): Polish Dental Society
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21 May 2022 In Person Morocco,
El Jadida
Contribution on the dentist in treatment of sleep apnea: its reality in Africa Dr Selibouet Robert Amani

Moroccan Dental Exhibition and Congress

Organizer(s): Association Marocaine de Prévention Bucco-dentaire (AMPBD)
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19 May 2022 In Person Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Individual lingual orthodontics as the future of everyday practice Dr, DMD, MSc, Ph Anna Wasiewicz

25th BaSS Congress

Organizer(s): Dental Association of Bosnia & Herzegovina
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23 - 24 March 2022 Webinar China,
Orthodontic treatment of bimaxillary protrusion---challenge and strategies Weiran Li

FDI-CSA Dental Summit

Organizer(s): Chinese Stomatological Association
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23 - 24 March 2022 Webinar China,
Adult orthodontic full mouth reconstruction, an inter-disciplinary approach Dr Tsang Tsang She

FDI-CSA Dental Summit

Organizer(s): Chinese Stomatological Association
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23 - 24 March 2022 Webinar China,
The Oral Microbiota and Total Health: Translating Theory into Clinical Practice Samaranayake Lakshman

FDI-CSA Dental Summit

Organizer(s): Chinese Stomatological Association
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23 - 24 March 2022 Webinar China,
The Impact of Irrigation Strategy on Endodontic Outcome Xin Xu

FDI-CSA Dental Summit

Organizer(s): Chinese Stomatological Association
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23 March 2022 Webinar Highly Esthetic Zirconia Restorations: An update on the latest preparation techniques, zirconia material options and cementation protocols Dr Julián Conejo Read more
03 March 2022 In Person Romania,
Soft Tissue Augmentation Procedures Around Implants in Esthetic Sites Dr Cem Yildiz

Romanian Dental Association Paro-Prosthetic Congress

Organizer(s): Romanian Dental Association of Private Practitioners (RDAPP)
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18 December 2021 Webinar Costa Rica,
Systemic diseases in the dental office Dr Roberto Díaz-Calle, Dr José Luis Brenes-Barquero

Academies Continuing Education Event – Advance Education in General Dentistry

Organizer(s): Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica
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17 December 2021 In Person Iraq,
5 keys to success and 5 causes of failure in endodontics Prof. Roger Rebeiz

Baghdad International Dental Meeting

Organizer(s): Iraqi Dental Association
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