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Beyond implant esthetics, navigating complications and innovations for seamless restorations

The 63rd International Congress of Iranian Dental Association (EXCIDA 2024)


Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Middle East


Kaveh Seyedan
  • President of The Iranian Association of Prosthodontists
  • 2021 Reegnet of Academy Dentistry International Middleeast
  • Professor Department of Fixed Prosthodontics

Abstract :

In this captivating lecture, we delve into the dynamic realm of implant dentistry, exploring groundbreaking innovations and strategies for achieving seamless restorations amidst esthetic complications. Drawing upon recent research and clinical cases, attendees will embark on a journey beyond conventional implant esthetics, navigating through challenges with finesse and precision. From single tooth replacements to full mouth reconstructions, this presentation showcases the transformative impact of modern techniques and materials in the digital age of dentistry. Through a comprehensive examination of clinical scenarios and evidence-based insights, participants will gain valuable knowledge and practical insights into managing complex cases while achieving optimal esthetic outcomes. Join us as we explore the intersection of artistry and science, pushing the boundaries of implant dentistry to new heights of excellence and sophistication.

Learning objectives :

  • reviewing the success factors in implant restoration esthetics,
    temporarization of anterior maxilla implants ,techniques ,benefits and pitfalls
  • soft tissue refinement in preimplant tissues via essential prosthetic techniques and special contouring methods.
  • what are the indications and contraindication zirconia restorations versus metal ceramics and comparing metal abutments to zirconia abutments
  • how to use Ti base abutments in digital solutions