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Applicant eligibility

FDI accepts WDDF applications from FDI Regular and Associate members in good standing as well as outside applications from non-members of FDI.

FDI strongly encourages its member National Dental Associations (NDAs) to develop relevant projects and to apply for support through WDDF to make a substantial, positive impact on oral health globally.

Outside applications must be supported by an endorsement letter from a member National Dental Association from the country in which the project is being implemented.

Applicants must be able to:

  • secure additional financial contributions apart from WDDF funding;
  • provide detailed financial documentation;
  • prove how the project will be completed successfully.

Project eligibility

Projects should revolve around at least one of the following topics:

  • education;
  • oral health promotion;
  • disease prevention;
  • primary healthcare. 

Projects must benefit disadvantaged individuals and/or communities and contribute to improving oral health. Projects must relate to local, regional or national strategic health aims within the country and should be developed in consultation with local authorities and stakeholders. Priority will be given to projects with a prominent educational component and strong potential for sustainability.

Project applications must also include:

  • comprehensive aims and objectives;
  • specific planning, implementation and evaluation stages;
  • a team list indicating each member’s relevant experience. 

Here is an example of an outstanding application that we invite you to model your own application after. The applicant has given us their permission to share their work.

Application model  Supporting Materials   Supporting Materials 2

Funding level

Each year, FDI supports three to five projects. Each project can receive a maximum of CHF 10,000. 

Use the documents below and submit your application no later than 15 June for funding in the following year. 

General Terms and Conditions

Endorsement letter template

Budget Plan template

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