CE programme
In Person

Aligner TAD Concepts: Why, Where and How

Monthly Meeting - Digital orthodontics


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Middle East


Mohamad Al Husini
  • Fellowship of European College of Orthodontics
  • French Board of Orthodontics, (French Federation of Orthodontics)
  • Post-graduate Certificate in Lingual Orthodontics, Paris 5 University, France
  • MSc Bordeaux University & Hospital Residency program in Orthodontics - France
  • Bourgogne University Certificate in Orthodontics - France
  • Certificate of Superior Studies C.E.S. in Orthodontics & Maxillo-Facial Orthopedics


Saudi Dental Society

Learning Objectives: 

  • Know how to select favorable cases for clear aligner treatment
  • Review the biomechanics of clear aligner
  • Understand the management of teeth movement produceby by clear aligner
  • Integrate other tools and devices with clear aligners, such as TAD and palatal expander