The full-length webcasts of three sessions that FDI organized with its expert committees at the ADA FDI World Dental Congress 2019 San Francisco are now available. These webcasts are meant to serve as a continuing education tool for oral health professionals worldwide. Below is a summary of each session.

How to Improve the Management of Periodontal Diseases

Delivery of effective periodontal care remains a notable challenge for general dentists. Periodontal diseases have increasingly attracted serious concern by health professionals and the public at large, owing to their extremely high prevalence worldwide, dramatic effects on oral health and quality of life, intimate links to general health, and huge socio-economic impacts and healthcare costs.

This session shared the latest periodontal science, evidence-based clinical approaches, and best practices in connection to the new classification of periodontal diseases and FDI’s new chairside guide for periodontal care. A series of “How to improve …” talks were given by the experts from FDI Global Periodontal Health Task Team, including Drs Joerg Meyle, David Herrera, Stefan Renvert, and Li-Jian Jin.

Contemporary Management of Partially Dentate Patients

Rates of natural tooth retention are increasing globally: rather than losing all their teeth as they age, patients are increasingly greeting old age with at least a few of their natural teeth still intact. Partial tooth loss can affect every aspect of life, from limiting the foods we can enjoy to undermining our self-confidence and affecting our relationships with others.

This session focused on understanding the importance of pre-treatment assessment, evidence-based treatment options, and long-term post-treatment care for partially dentate patients. It also focused on the importance of a personalized patient assessment, how to manage risk factors and their impact on treatment outcomes and highlighted the relevance of personalized maintenance programmes.

Brush Day & Night Phase IV: Achieving Improved and Sustainable Oral Health Worldwide

During this session, participants learned about a sustainable solution to improve oral health and toothbrushing habits: Brush Day & Night is a 21-day programme to teach children to brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste and encourages them to become community advocates and spread the message of good oral health to their families and friends. The session presented the results of the seven-month behavioural programme, discussed the oral health knowledge of six-to-nine-year-old children, and underlined the relationship between the presence of dental plaque and how much the children learned about oral health.

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