Collecting standardized data on oral health with the Oral Health Observatory

Dr Michael Sereny

Chair of the FDI Oral Health Observatory Task Team

Tell us about the Oral Health Observatory (OHO).

Reliable data is essential in guiding effective public health interventions. FDI developed OHO to collect standardized data on oral health, which remains limited despite staggering rates of oral disease worldwide. There is an urgent need to assess the true impact of oral diseases and develop strategies to abate them in order to improve health outcomes in a measurable way. Data collected in the dental clinic can provide valuable insights into patients’ oral health and the impact of dental care. OHO recruits dentists to gather data about the oral health and quality of life of their patients, using an easy-to-use mobile app developed by FDI.

What can participants expect to learn during the Practice-based Data to Improve Oral Care: FDI Oral Health Observatory session at the ADA FDI World Dental Congress?

The OHO Task Team will provide a detailed overview of the project and its achievements to date, including preliminary results of the data collection from several countries. Following the session, an interactive workshop will explore how the OHO data collection and implementation procedure could be adapted to strengthen the project moving forward.

Why should dentists get involved with OHO?

FDI encourages all dentists to get involved in OHO in order to build a global repository of data on oral health. With greater numbers of participating dentists, we can bolster our existing oral health data set and craft evidence-based solutions to improve oral health worldwide.

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Practice-based Data to Improve Oral Care: FDI Oral Health Observatory

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Oral Health Observatory compiles standardized data on oral health through an app that dentists can use to collect data on their patients’ oral health.

Oral Health Observatory

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