The World Health Professions Alliance calls to safeguard healthcare professionals in humanitarian settings

WHPA asks health professionals worldwide to sign an open letter calling for all parties in conflicts to safeguard health facilities and personnel.


In times of unprecedented challenges and with so many active conflicts around the world, healthcare professionals play a vital role, navigating through global pandemics and conflict-ridden landscapes to provide essential care. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, FDI recognized the significance and responsibility of dentists and dental teams to deliver emergency care whenever feasible and in accordance with national regulations.

While acknowledging the importance of healthcare professionals in crisis settings, it is also imperative to prioritize their protection. Aligned with a steadfast commitment to global health, the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA), a coalition that includes FDI, issues a call to healthcare practitioners worldwide. Through an open letter, WHPA urges professionals across disciplines to unite in advocating for the safeguarding of health facilities and personnel in areas of conflicts.

Stand in solidarity with healthcare professionals in humanitarian settings

The open letter states that protecting healthcare facilities and personnel from any harm is not just a moral imperative, but a legal obligation enshrined in international humanitarian law. The five WHPA member organizations ‒ FDI, International Pharmaceutical Federation, International Council of Nurses, World Physiotherapy, and World Medical Association ‒ urge all parties engaged in conflicts to unwaveringly uphold every facet of humanitarian law.

Specifically, FDI extends a call to action directed at its member National Dental Associations, urging them to demonstrate solidarity with healthcare professionals in conflict zones by endorsing the WHPA open letter.

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