Tobacco or oral health_An advocacy guide for oral health professionals_toolkit
Oral health and general health

Tobacco or oral health: An advocacy guide for oral health professionals

Published: April 2015

This Guide, developed jointly by FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) and the World Health Organization (WHO), provides tobacco facts, highlights the involvement of the FDI and the WHO in tobacco control initiatives, discusses the role of dentists and other oral health professionals in tobacco control, examines the role of advocacy, and provides a number of wide ranging recommendations to move the tobacco control agenda forward.

It is now accepted that helping tobacco users to quit is part of the role of health professionals, including dentists and other oral health professionals. It is also formally recognised that tobacco cessation is part of the practice of dentistry. In addition, oral health professional organisations have a responsibility to engage in tobacco control initiatives, including supporting political processes that lead to an environment favourable to health.

The guide is divided into 5 main chapters including:

  • outline of the dangers posed by tobacco consumption
  • role of health professionals in tobacco control
  • actions required to reduce the disease, suffering and premature death which directly results from tobacco use
  • advocacy should be part of all oral health professionals’ toolkit
  • recommendations to oral health organizations at the global, national, and local levels