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The Power of New Technologies in Recent Ceramic Restorations

International Dental Congress 2023


Cairo, Egypt, Middle East


Dr Ahmad Aboelfadl

Professor of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Ainshams University 
Guest Researcher, Bonn, Germany 
CAD CAM Consultant, MUST University.


Egyptian Dental Association

Abstract : 

Recent ceramic restorations are popular nowadays implementing the new concept of biomimetics. Achieving success in such innovative restorations implies strict approach including ideal preparation, impression, material selection & mutual communication between clinic & lab.
A clinically oriented recipe with an evidence based background will be discussed & implanted in this course.


Learning objectives : 

  • Know recent biomimetic concepts.
  • Differentiate between ceramic restorations (Inlays - Onlays -Overlays).
  • Implement Preparation guidelines.
  • Compare Conventional versus digital impressions.
  • Define Impression materials & techniques  AND   Discuss Adhesion & cementation protocols.