Annual Report

Explore the FDI Annual Report 2023 for key updates on last year’s progress

Read the report now to learn about the organization’s key achievements dedicated to improving oral health worldwide.

The FDI Annual Report for 2023 is now available and showcases the organization’s remarkable achievements and milestones throughout year.

In 2023, FDI reaffirmed its dedication to advancing oral health, marking significant progress across its diverse range of initiatives. Notable successes include the lively celebrations for World Oral Health Day, increased collaboration with various healthcare organizations to integrate oral health within general health, and heightened advocacy efforts to realize FDI’s Vision 2030.

One of the pivotal moments of the year occurred in September 2023 with the resumption of the World Dental Congress in an in-person format, where FDI welcomed its new President, Dr. Greg Chadwick. During this event, the FDI General Assembly approved the strategic plan for 2024–2027, which sets the trajectory for the Federation’s efforts over the next three years. FDI's member national dental associations remain central to its mission to spearhead global efforts to enhance oral health.

In addition, the General Assembly endorsed FDI’s new Position on Free Sugars, emphasizing its commitment to tackle the primary risk factor for oral health. Delve deeper into the report to explore the notable strides made by FDI, including the progress of its official scientific publication, the International Dental Journal. In 2023, the journal experienced a remarkable surge in its impact factor, soaring from 2.607 in 2022 to an impressive 3.3, further solidifying its status as a premier platform for disseminating cutting-edge research in the field of dentistry.

Access and read the report now for a full update on FDI's transformative activities and achievements in advancing global oral health.

FDI Annual Report 2023