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Immerse yourself in cutting-edge research published in the World Dental Congress abstract book.

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Explore the 2023 World Dental Congress (WDC) abstracts in this special supplement. Read the insightful research by academics and experts from all around the world on key oral health- and dentistry-related matters.

Peruse the IDJ Supplement featuring the 2023 World Dental Congress Abstracts

Explore the latest advancements in global dental knowledge showcased at the prestigious World Dental Congress (WDC) in Sydney, Australia, held from 24–27 September 2023. Distinguished academics, seasoned professionals, and ambitious students worldwide were invited to submit their abstracts for an exclusive opportunity to present at the WDC in Sydney.

Peruse the submissions presented in the form of e-posters and free communications and carefully approved by the WDC scientific committee. Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in cutting-edge research and insights shaping the world of dentistry.

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