Apply for a grant to implement the Tobacco Cessation workshop in your country

FDI invites its member national dental associations to empower dentists within their countries by applying for a tobacco cessation workshop grant.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported a sustained global decline in tobacco consumption, indicating success in 150 countries in reducing tobacco use.1 Given the significant role of tobacco as a major risk factor for numerous noncommunicable diseases, there is a critical need to build upon this success and intensify efforts to drive further positive changes in reducing tobacco consumption.

To address this challenge, , FDI in collaboration with various National Dental Associations (NDAs) has successfully been conducting Tobacco Cessation Workshops as part of its Tobacco Cessation project. These workshops aim to educate and train dentists and dental teams to deliver tobacco cessation advice to patients in their practices. FDI invites its members to actively contribute to these efforts by applying for a grant to implement the tobacco cessation workshop in their country.

Conduct a tobacco cessation workshop in your country

The workshops, which have already successfully be implemented in a number of countries,  are conducted by leveraging smoking cessation and control resources developed by FDI, including the Tobacco Cessation Guide (available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese) and video animations for dentists and dental teams, which present how to deliver a three-to-five-minute intervention in the dental setting to help tobacco users make a quit attempt.

FDI welcomes applications from Regular and Associate member NDAs for a grant of CHF 1 000 to implement the Tobacco Cessation Workshop. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to equip dentists and dental teams within your respective countries with the necessary tools and resources to deliver effective smoking cessation advice to their patients. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and FDI will notify applicants of the outcome within one month after receiving the application.

Download the application form

To return your completed application forms or for any inquiries, please contact Nina Noest-Fowler:



1. Tobacco use declines despite tobacco industry efforts to jeopardize progress. Geneva: World Health Organization. 2024. Available at:…