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Advancing Oral Healthcare in India through Knowledge Transfer and Innovation

FDI Executive Director, Mr Enzo Bondioni, participates in the Oral Health Innovation Conclave organized by FDI member, the Indian Dental Association.

IDA Conclave

In March, the Indian Dental Association (IDA), a FDI Member, held its first-ever national event to focus on innovations, entrepreneurship, and research in oral healthcare. The Oral Health Innovation Conclave brought together experts from the dental profession and researchers from across India and beyond to share knowledge and explore the latest advancements in oral healthcare. FDI Executive Director, Mr Enzo Bondioni, was also invited to speak at the event in New Delhi, India, and provide updates on FDI’s initiatives.

Enhancing oral healthcare in India through knowledge transfer

The first of its kind in the country, the Oral Health Innovation Conclave strives to lead the way in oral health through innovation, application, and promotion of dental education, research and patient care delivered in collaboration with specialists in dentistry and allied health sciences.

The purpose of the event is to establish a specialized research ecosystem for dental evolution and communication. The two-day event presented a well-crafted scientific programme, consisting of outstanding keynote lectures, evolutionary symposia, as well as presentations by researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and experts from India and beyond.

“A big thank you to IDA, who is a FDI Member, for inviting me to your prestigious event and an even bigger congratulations for successfully organizing your first ever national event to focus on innovations, entrepreneurship and research in oral healthcare,” stated Mr Enzo Bondioni, FDI Executive Director.

During his speech, Mr Bondioni provided a comprehensive overview of the organization's vision, mission, and notable initiatives. He highlighted FDI's Vision 2030, which serves as a roadmap for improving global oral health, reducing inequalities, and addressing the burden of oral diseases. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of World Oral Health Day and mentioned various projects in which the IDA has actively participated. One noteworthy achievement that he commended the IDA for was the successful observation of its first national No Sugar Day on November 1, 2022. This accomplishment was a result of the FDI Vision 2030 capacity-building workshop conducted in Mumbai the same year.

FDI applauds IDA for their continued support and efforts to increase knowledge sharing through their Oral Health Innovation Conclave. National Dental Associations all around the world are encouraged to undertake such efforts for improved global oral healthcare.