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FDI Data Hub for Global Oral Health (2014)

FDI Data Hub for Global Oral Health (2014)

An introduction to FDI's Data Hub for Global Oral Health, provides a demonstration of how the Data Hub works, and how to retrieve and visualize data. The Dats Hub serves a dual purpose as an awareness-raising tool to promote the importance of oral health and as a means for its members and policy makers to support advocacy for the dental profession.

Media launch of FDI Data Hub for Global Oral Health (2014)


Media launch of FDI Data Hub for Global Oral Health (2014)

Media launch in New Delhi on 12 September 2014 during the FDI Annual World Dental Congress to launch the FDI Data Hub for Global Oral Health. The Data Hub is a unique one-stop-shop for information on oral health and related issues. The panelists were: Moderator: Dr. Michael Glick, Dr. Ashok Dhoble, Dr. Robert Beaglehole, Dr. Fannye Thompson, DMD and Gerard Meuchner.

Vision 2020: what it is, its aims, its priorities (2013)


Vision 2020: what it is, its aims, its priorities (2013)

This video, created in from a series of interviews carried out in June 2013 explains Vision 2020 through a series of brief statements from key players responding to the questions such as What does Vision 2020 mean to you? Is Vision 2020 relevant to day-to-day dental practice? What is Vision 2020’s likely impact on policy? How does Vision 2020 speak to the dental profession? Why do we need an international perspective?



FDI in brief narrated through five key projects (2013)


FDI in brief narrated through five key projects (2013)

This video, created in 2013, illustrates the breadth and depth of FDI work through some priority projects in recent times such as its work on dental materials and the Minamata Convention on Mercury, FDI vision 2020, the FDI strategy for Africa, FDI Policy Statements and World Oral Health Day. It was first shown during the FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Istanbul, August 2013.



‘A Toothbrush Symphony’ (2013)


‘A Toothbrush Symphony’ (2013)

‘A Toothbrush Symphony’: celebrating World Oral Health Day 2013 (2013)

This short video clip was designed and produced for World Oral Health Day 2013. Deliberately non-didactic, it shows to show the fun side of oral health care and communicates the message ‘Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Life’.


Successful conclusion of INC5 (2013)


Successful conclusion of INC5 (2013)

Dr Stuart Johnston, Chair of the FDI Dental Practice Committee, comments on the successful conclusion of the 5th meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Mercury (INC5 (Geneva, 19 January 2013). It resulted in the Minamata Treaty, which calls for a phase-down of dental amalgam—as recommended by key FDI partner the World Health Organization in its 2010 publication 'Future Use of Materials for Dental Restoration'—rather than, as some had feared, a phase-out.

Launch of FDI Vision 2020 (2012)


Launch of FDI Vision 2020 (2012)

The 43-minute media launch of FDI Vision 2020 on 30 August 2012, following the documents approval by the FDI General Assembly just two days before. Speakers are: Prof Michael Glick (Chair of the Vision 2020 Task Team); Task Team members Dr Orlando Monteiro da Silva (FDI President) and Dr. Tao Xu (member of the FDI Education Committee); Stanley M. Bergman (Chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc) ; and Dr. Mendez, Global Director of Health Programmes & Partnerships, Unilever.


Sustainable Development & Green Dentistry (2012)


Sustainable Development & Green Dentistry (2012)

This Forum ‘Sustainable Development and Green Dentistry’ took place in Hong Kong on 29 August 2012; it was chaired by Dr Stephen Hancocks, editor of the international Dental Journal. The panellists were: Susan Wilburn, Technical Officer, Occupational & Environmental Health HSE/PHE/IHE, WHO; Peter Soer, Senior Vice President, Unilever Oral Care; David Williams, Past President of IADR; and Claudio Fernandes, member of the FDI Science Committee and representative at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference.

Caries: the silent epidemic (2012)


Caries: the silent epidemic (2012)

The Forum ‘World Oral Health Forum: Caries - a silent epidemic’ took place in Hong Kong on 29 August 2012. It was chaired by Nigel Pitts. The panellists were: Orlando Monteiro da Silva, James Chauvin, Pei-Jung Lin, Prof Prathip Phantumvanit, Jaime Edelson and Donald Li..

FDI today: leading the world to optimal oral health (2011)


FDI today: leading the world to optimal oral health (2011)

This short film, produced in 2011, highlights the breadth of FDI’s vision and the number and range of its activities around the world in pursuit of its goal of ‘Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health’. It contains extracts from a series of interviews with key figures within FDI leadership.


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